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PRO TIPS: How To Photograph Your Boat

1) Take photos that say: Attention Buyer – Picture Yourself Here!

2) Clean the boat thoroughly before taking your first photo.

3) Show the big picture as well as a few close-up details.

4) Show how well-maintained the boat is: kitchen, woodwork, decks, polished chrome and stainless steel.

5) Photos of the boat in and out of the water, a nice cruising shot (underway).

6) Good lighting is critical. Take interior photos on a cloudy day (because of the diffused light).

7) If your listing is in the $85m – $100m range, consider hiring a professional to showcase & sell your boat.

8) Click to read: 10 Tops For Boat Photos That Sell Sell Sell!

Download Sell Your Boat Worksheet Word or PDF

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